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How to Take Part in our Activities: Conditions and Procedures

As an organization we set up a variety of experiences and activities throughout the year. During extended holidays we welcome children from all walks of life: not only foreign nationals living in Japan, but children living in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and across the world to come to Japan to take part in our camps. We offer eight educational camps throughout the year, spending two nights (three days) in areas rich with nature. Camps will take place during consecutive holidays (for example Golden Week) and extended holiday periods (summer, winter and spring). The conditions and application forms for taking part can be found here. If you would like for your child to take part in one of our camps, please read the information below.

Ⅰ.Conditions for Taking Part

Countryside activities can be an amazing experience for children, however they do involve certain risks. In order to avoid accidents and serious injury, we always carry out thorough safety checks before and on the day of the activities. However we must also ask that anyone wishing to join observes the following conditions. For safety reasons, if any of these conditions are not met then we will be unable to allow your child to participate. To avoid disappointment, please ensure in advance that you and your child will be able to meet these conditions.

1.The child taking part in the camp must be able to understand and communicate with at least conversation-level Japanese.

Before beginning any outdoor activities, we explain the boundaries, rules, and other important information about the activity. The activity leader is in charge of ensuring the safety of all participants, however it is also important for the participants to be able to recognise and avoid dangers themselves. For this reason it is absolutely vital that participating children can understand instructions and directions given in Japanese.

2.At least one parent or guardian must be able to communicate in Japanese.

Before any child takes part in the camp, there are various administration details such as payment, luggage checklists, schedules and information regarding the child’s health and welfare that will require communication between our office and the parent or guardian of the child. This information exchange will be necessary before the camp begins so that you can feel reassured when your child enters our care on the first day of the camp. For this reason it is important that at least one parent or guardian is reasonably fluent in Japanese.

3.You must have an address in Japan. Alternatively, you must have relatives residing in Japan.

If your child is accepted onto the camp we will need to send you various forms regarding your child’s lodgings and insurance: these forms may only be sent to a Japan address. If you live abroad but have relatives in Japan, you may use their address with their permission.

We also need to be able to contact you while the camp is taking place.

We conduct rigorous safety checks and do our best to ensure a safe environment, however in the event that someone gets injured, or a child is involved in an incident, we need to be able to contact the child’s guardian as soon as possible. We need to be able to notify you if your child is injured. It is very important that that we have a number that we can use to contact you while your child is at our camp.

Ⅱ.How to Join

In order to take part in a camp run by our organization, you will also need to become a member of our ‘Kids Club’. Read below to find out how to join a camp, and how to apply for Kids Club membership.

1.Choose which camp you would like to take part in.
Information about applying for each camp can be found on our homepage. Families living in Japan may also receive our leaflets in the post. Be aware that we offer various camps through the course of a year, so make sure you consider the dates and activities included when choosing your camp.

2.Applying for the Camp and Paying Fees
Once you have decided which camp you would like your child to go on, use the mail form on our homepage to send an application. Places are given on a first-come first-served basis, and may become fully booked before the application deadline. To avoid disappointment send us your application early. If this is your first time joining one of our camps we will send you the membership registration forms; please return them to our office after you have filled them out. Once these forms have been processed we will send you your membership certificate. You may pay participation fees by way of bank transfer.

3.You will receive a guide book.
We will send a guidebook to everyone who has applied to join our camp, containing a schedule and luggage checklist.

4.Attend the explanatory meeting for parents and guardians.
Before every camp begins we will hold a meeting for parents and guardians. This meeting will be conducted in Japanese. A guidebook containing a more detailed schedule and a luggage checklist will be also be distributed on this day. We will be confirming your child’s health and welfare information, so please attend the meeting. If for any reason you are unable to attend the meeting on the day, please inform us by telephone. (Again, please be aware that all telephone calls must be conducted in Japanese.)

5.Taking Part in the Camp
On the first day of the camp our staff will be waiting for you at the designated meeting point. Please notify us as early as possible if you need to withdraw your child from the camp before it begins.

















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